Reviews for Dead End
...Pleasantly surprised. The acting, directing & locations are first rate. Definitely worth seeing.

...Will Snow's performance is wonderful in this film.

..The actors here are Aussies, so you gotta love their accent. I was amused by this.

At times you wonder who the real killer is....

...This thriller was truly scary. I found myself jumping a lot during the film.

..Was impressed that the filmmaker could mount a picture that is so visually stimulating.

...The story was captivating. We all enjoyed it.

...Well planned out. Nicely acted, written and directed.

...The production value and locations are first rate. If you're a fan of Hitchcock, it shouldn't be missed.

...This film has the most important element in a suspense/thriller - an unpredictable ending.

...Well made film with excellent performances.

...The locations are especially unique and I'm looking forward to going to Australia.

...This film kept me thinking all the way through the ending.

...The lead actor, William Snow should be a major star.

...If you like smartly written "Hitchcockian" mysteries, you will like Dead End.

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