Movie Information - Dead End
...For this murder mystery writer, the hardest case to solve may be his own.

When ex-detective turned best-selling true crime author TODD RUSSELL (William Snow "Tales of the South Seas," Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World") is confronted by the copy cat serial killings he investigates as a cop ten year ago, he becomes the prime suspect.

A string of murders begins in Melbourne. Homicide Detectives DAVID WOLCOTT and DWAYNE SEAVER compare the killings to the haunting and mysteriously similar Evergreen murders the took place then years earlier, suggesting a copycat killer is on the loose.

TODD, engaged to his beautiful fiancee LORI (Victoria Hill "Drop Dead Gorgeous," "Heartbreak High") seems to have it all, but looks can be deceiving. After the detectives confront him with the new murders, he starts to unravel. When he receives an ambiguous phone call from a hospital notifying him that CAROLINE STONE, identified as his mother, has passes away, his life begins to spin out of control.

Confused by the news, since his mother VALERIE RUSSELL is alive and well, TODD embarks on a mission to uncover the truth. He in fact discovers that he was adopted and CAROLINE STONE is his real mother -- and that she had another child that vanished years ago.

As the killings continue, WOLCOTT and SEAVER suspect TODD and build their case against him. They question LORI and BEN (Matthew Dyktynsky "Raw FM," "Love and Other Catastrophes"), TODD'S assistant, and uncover that TODD has both a temper and a collection or murder weapons. When BEN'S car careens off a mountain road and explodes later that night, the police are sure that RUSSELL is their man.

The detectives interrogate TODD, but without substantial evidence, must release him, When TODD later returns home, a confrontation escalates into a climactic game of cat and mouse, ultimately revealing the truth.

This shocking thriller will keep you guessing...just when you think you've figured it out, it's another DEAD END.

Produced by Tracey Silvers and Iren Koster

Written & Directed by: Iren Koster

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