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Interviews with the cast & crew of Dead End

       Iren Koster interview with DGA
The Directors Guild of America's recently chalked up another win for the Guild's independent director members as director Iren Koster's Dead End was picked up for worldwide distribution by Showcase Entertainment following a recent screening at the DGA. The signing of Dead End is the second success story for the series.

Iren Koster said he was literally flooded with calls from distributors.

Koster: "After the screening on March 26th, I had about twelve people come over and they were really receptive,"

Koster: "I had all these distributors who wanted to distribute the movie with large advances. A major studio/distributor wanted to buy the American rights to the film. I chose to go with Showcase for the worldwide distribution because of their impeccable reputation. They're doing the foreign sales on it now and it's going to the film market associated with Cannes, and I'm confident we'll get a really good response. But the DGA screening was the catalyst. It's a wonderful and very prestigious environment in which to show your film and it makes me proud to be a DGA member."